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Articles published in Professional Engineering.

  • All together now
    Imperial College is tearing down the barriers between the traditional engineering disciplines. Michael Kenward meets the man who will drive the reorganisation forward
    Professional Engineering, 5 September 2001
  • Light at the end of the fibre tunnel
    Wireless lasers are moving to plug the gap between customers and the optical-fibre network.
    Professional Engineering, 16 May 2001
  • A tale of two cities
    Cambridge's engineering department has undergone many changes in its 125-year history, but few as controversial or ambitious as the forging of a teaching link with MIT in the US
    Professional Engineering, 9 August 2000

  • Lined up to take the heat
    A report on recent research that suggests treating ceramic bricks with heat and light could prolong the life of furnace linings
    Professional Engineering, 9 February 2000
  • End Piece
    Trying to define off the wall research is a great way of marginalising engineering research by implying that it lacks curiosity
    Professional Engineering, January 2000

  • A simulating experience
    Professional Engineering, 11 August 1999

  • Coming to an understanding
    How new awards are giving university researchers an opportunity to promote public understanding of engineering
    Professional Engineering, 10 March 1999

  • Small plants grow into big business
    The future of the process industry could lie in small consumer-friendly plants
    Professional Engineering, 10 February 1999
  • Doctors' dilemma
    Professional Engineering, 7 October 1998

  • In at the deep end
    T&N’s graduate task force
    Professional Engineering, 28 January 1998

  • A model of process engineering
    The US company that aims to take smart manufacturing into the process sector
    Professional Engineering, 19 November 1997

  • Dusting off designer alloys
    A car component maker is adapting the processes of powder metallurgy to work with aluminium alloys 
    Professional Engineering, 5 November 1997
  • Making research work for industry
    EPSRC’s materials research
    Professional Engineering, 23 July 1997

  • "No comment" is no help
    Why engineers should become involved in the Public Understanding of Science, Engineering and Technology
    Professional Engineering, 25 June 1997

  • Vive la différence
    Interview with Siemens technology chief Claus Weyrich
    Professional Engineering, 16 October 1996

  • Cut-price deal to catch the sun
    Canon's new solar cell technology
    Professional Engineering, 15 January 1997
  • Model behaviour gives practical reward
    Computing power has hugely broadened the potential to select the ideal material for any job
    Professional Engineering, 18 September 1996

  • Irresistible alternatives
    Progress with high-temperature superconductors
    Professional Engineering, 4 September 1996
  • Collision course for contracts
    Europe's new particle collider offers excellent business opportunities for UK engineering companies
    Professional Engineering, 19 June 1996
  • Research spend outstrips dividends
    The 1994 UK R&D Scoreboard
    Professional Engineering, 22 June 1994

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