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This is older material, published in the 20th century.

Most of these articles appeared before publications had web sites where they carry articles. Where there is a local link to the text it will usually be the 'writer's cut', before those excellent people the subeditors have knocked off the sharp edges and cut text down to size.

There are also a handful of pdf files. To keep these down to a manageable size, these are usually scanned as black and white copies. Ask if you want them in their colourful glory.


  • Danish foundry cashes in on the dash for bandwidth
    Profiles of some of the most promising start-ups hoping to make their mark on optical communications in the 21st century
    FibreSystems, December 1999

  • Where next for an industry in flux
    From music across the internet to holographic switching - there were plenty of talking points at a recent meeting on the communications revolution
    FibreSystems, December 1999

  • Tunable technology powers 'smart' optical networks
    With the commercialisation of a widely tunable semiconductor laser, Marconi Communications claims to be [paving the way to all optical networks
    FibreSystems, November 1999

  • European research gets to grips with photonics
    Tunable semiconductor lasers and optical cross-connects were two of the technologies to benefit from an ambitious partnership between industry and university researchers.
    FibreSystems, October 1999

  • Photonic chips feed operators' need for speed
    Can the entrepreneurial success of silicon Valley be replicated here in Europe.
    FibreSystems, September 1999

  • A simulating experience
    Professional Engineering, 11 August 1999

  • PHYSICS is fun (and it makes big money)
    In this ravenous technological climate, the demand for the skills of the physicist has never been greater.
    Real Business, July 1999

  • RAE of hope for industry links
    From 2001, industrially relevant research can be submitted in the RAE.
    Times Higher Education Supplement, July 9 1999

  • Photonics clusters promise bright future 
    Small companies can grow more quickly if they are located near to one another
    Physics World, June 1999

  • Secrets of a butterfly's wing
    Photonics - chips that process light - has a natural inspiration
    Financial Times, 7 April 1999

  • Coming to an understanding
    How new awards are giving university researchers an opportunity to promote public understanding of engineering
    Professional Engineering, 10 March 1999

  • Small plants grow into big business
    The future of the process industry could lie in small consumer-friendly plants
    Professional Engineering, 10 February 1999

  • Research made an open book
    Scientists' data can be made more widely available thanks to a  new electronic system
    Financial Times, 5 January 1999

  • Displaying a winning glow
    Technology Review, January 1999

  • Doctors' dilemma
    Professional Engineering, 7 October 1998

  • Little ventured for physics
    Venture capital in the UK and physics based companies
    Physics World, August 1998

  • Engineers wrap up in atomic coats
    Industry is slowly waking up to the potential of surface treatment
    Financial Times, 16 June 1998

  • Putting the squeeze on aluminium powder processing
    Financial Times, 12 March 1998

  • A model of efficiency
    Computer controls are cutting costs in process industries
    Financial Times, 25 February 1998

  • Displays out on the tiles
    An engineer whose small company hopes to revolutionise display technology
    Professional Engineering, 25 February 1998

  • All eyes on a bright future
    The latest UK developments in the race to devise wall-hanging flat screen displays
    Financial Times, 20 February 1998

  • In at the deep end
    T&N’s graduate task force
    Professional Engineering, 28 January 1998

  • A model of process engineering
    The US company that aims to take smart manufacturing into the process sector
    Professional Engineering, 19 November 1997

  • Dusting off designer alloys
    A car component maker is adapting the processes of powder metallurgy to work with aluminium alloys 
    Professional Engineering, 5 November 1997

  • What’s cooking?
    The growing use of computer modelling when creating new materials in the manufacturing industry
    Financial Times, 29 August 1997

  • Making light work of car pollution
    Pioneering sensors within an engine may optimise performance
    Financial Times, 29 August 1997

  • Making research work for industry
    EPSRC’s materials research
    Professional Engineering, 23 July 1997

  • "No comment" is no help
    Why engineers should become involved in the Public Understanding of Science, Engineering and Technology
    Professional Engineering, 25 June 1997

  • Birth of a Notion
    The launch of Euroscience
    Guardian On-Line, 19 March 1997

  • Stronger signal on flat
    Canon hopes to leapfrog its competitors with an innovative display system
    Financial Times 3 January 1997

  • Vive la différence
    Interview with Siemens technology chief Claus Weyrich
    Professional Engineering, 16 October 1996

  • Cut-price deal to catch the sun
    Canon's new solar cell technology
    Professional Engineering, 15 January 1997

  • Flat screens: Canon claims if anyone can, it can  
    Financial Times, 3 January 1997

  • A right royal carve-up
    Thoughts on the bid by the Royal Institution for lottery money
    Guardian On-Line, 2 January 1997

  • The spin-off steams ahead
    Profile of Tony Marchington of Oxford Molecular Group
    Director, January 1997

  • The revolution gathers pace
    ATM technology finally takes off
    Financial Times, 19 September 1996

  • Model behaviour gives practical reward
    Computing power has hugely broadened the potential to select the ideal material for any job
    Professional Engineering, 18 September 1996

  • Irresistible alternatives
    Progress with high-temperature superconductors
    Professional Engineering, 4 September 1996

  • Good news for contractors
    Independent groups are benefiting from foreign enthusiasm for research
    Financial Times, 27 June 1996

  • Collision course for contracts
    Europe's new particle collider offers excellent business opportunities for UK engineering companies
    Professional Engineering, 19 June 1996

  • Superconductors get ready to transform industry
    High-temperature superconductors are finally finding practical applications and the industry is about to take off
    Physics World, June 1996

  • Light relief for today's long distance telephone links
    Financial Times, 4 October 1995

  • The goal: right data at the right time
    Telecommunications network management
    Financial Times, 4 October 1995

  • Foresight: the saga continues
    Director, October 1995

  • Will the Web be a money-spinner?
    Director, October 1995

  • Friendly bugs for cleaner products
    Harnessing micro-organisms to desulphurise crude oil
    Financial Times, 3 August 1995

  • Demand for Technology Rises
    The rising fortunes of independent R&D organisations
    Financial Times, 22 June 1995

  • Why plasma science means business
    Physics World, June 1995

  • Pure geneius
    Genetic technology is revolutionising entire industries, from baking and brewing to packaging
    and agriculture
    Director, October 1994

  • Leveraging the laboratories
    Small companies may have plenty of good ideas but insufficient resources to bring them to fruition
    Director, September 1994

  • Research spend outstrips dividends
    The 1994 UK R&D Scoreboard
    Professional Engineering, 22 June 1994

  • A killing through contracts
    The growth of contract R&D
    The Financial Times, 17 June 1994

  • Fortunes to be cleaned up
    The environment as an export opportunity
    The Daily Telegraph, 27 May 1994

  • The road to success is paved with R&D
    How Ericsson profits from R&D spending
    The Engineer, 17 February, 1994

  • Nuclear activity
    Some sectors of the European nuclear industry generate a steady income
    International Management, November 1993

  • Copy-proof strip takes swipe at fraudsters
    A specially coded magnetic channel on plastic cards should increase security
    The Financial Times, 7 October 1993

  • The fathers of innovation
    What it takes to be innovative: Case studies of three companies
    Director, September 1993

  • Plugging into the powers that be
    Energy policy in Britain today: does it exist?
    Director, July 1993

  • Telecom's fusion power
    A special supplement on the coming together of telecommunications and computing in Europe
    International Management, June 1993

  • How the West could lose the peace
    Could falling defence budgets undermine industrial innovation?
    New Scientist, 8 May 1993

  • Learning to live with peace
    How will companies maintain the technical expertise in the face of declining budgets for defence research?
    International Management, May 1993

  • Oiling the flow of technology
    The technology transfer manager as a new profession
    Director, May 1993

  • Biotech heads for the big time
    The state of play in biotechnology in Europe
    International Management, December 1992

  • Can nuclear power ever pay its way?
    New Scientist, 28 November 1992

  • Bottom of the big league
    International comparison of corporate R&D spending
    International Management, September 1992

  • Industry's short cut to research
    How Courtaulds plans its strategic R&D; and an expedition to the frontiers of academic research
    New Scientist, 20 August 1992

  • The search for the top researchers
    Analysis of company spending on R&D, as enumerated in the UK R&D Scoreboard
    Director, August 1992

  • The fine art of mass production
    Report of a high-powered meeting where manufacturers from Japan and the UK discussed new approaches to the organisation of production
    New Scientist, 18 July 1992

  • The benefits of buying R&D "off the shelf"
    Expertise on the take-away menu
    The Financial Times, 5 March 1992

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