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These  articles have appeared in various bits of the Financial Times.

Until recently, anyone could access these articles. But the FT now runs a commercial web site and you have to pay to see things. Let me know if you are interested in a particular article.

  • Supply chain communication
    ENHANCE, an EU supported R&D project, helped Europe's aerospace manufacturers to improve their communications
    Financial Times IT/Telecoms, 17 February 2003

  • Thinking small for the next big thing
    "The science of engineering at the atomic level is in its infancy but some investors see great potential, writes Michael Kenward"
    Financial Times, 5 September 2002

  • North West's scholarly revolt
    "A new council will champion the region's interests, writes Michael Kenward"
    Financial Times, 27 June 2002

  • A concentration of brain power
    "Links with universities are increasingly focusing on a few big projects, says Michael Kenward"
    Financial Times,  31 October 2001
  • Laser technology sheds light on connection issue
    "This cost-saving technology which sends optical signals through the air to connect users to telecoms networks, is the modern equivalent of the beacon bonfire or a signal lamp"
    FT Telecoms, 18 July 2001

Supplier profile - fSONA 
Canadian-based fSONA is one of a number of telecoms equipment suppliers hoping to meet the growing demand for wireless systems to connect buildings with a beam of laser light. On the web 
FT Telecoms On-Line edition , 18 July 2001

Organisations as diverse as universities and Formula 1 racing teams have learnt the benefits of this fibre-free technology. On the web 
FT Telecoms On-Line edition, 18 July 2001

  • Making a profit from ideas
    Companies used to ignore ideas that they could not use, now they realise others may pay for them
    Financial Times, 4 July 2001

    A gift of the family jewels
    Financial Times, 4 July 2001

  • Inpharmatica: number crunching on a massive scale
    Financial Times IT, 21 February 2001

  • Smart antennae swiftly locate the best channels
    The latest antennae use software that sends signals in the right direction
    FT Telecoms, 17 January 2001

  • A plastic future in the headlights
    Glass is yesterday's news. Starting with in-car applications, local optical networks will rely on polymers
    Financial Times, 27 December 2000

  • Wap research points to fun and games
    New telecoms applications don't just happen, they can take years of technical and consumer research
    FT Telecoms Supplement, 20 September 2000

  • Traffic-stopping ways of lighting up our cities
    Gallium nitride could revolutionise traffic lights, data storage and the mobile phone
    Financial Times, 12 September 2000

  • Shedding light on the internet's congestion problem
    Network operators did not realise it at first, but the optical fibres they installed to replace copper cables had an immense capacity for expansion
    Financial Times IT Supplement
    5 July 2000

  • Nearly all done with mirrors
    Big electronics groups have put billion-dollar price tags on small companies built on novel and untried technology, in a bid to eliminate electronics from telecommunications networks 
    Financial Times IT Supplement 5 July 2000

  • Technology will make big impact
    Makers of optical microcircuits hope their products have a similar impact to that of the electronic equivalents 20 years ago.
    Financial Times IT Supplement 5 July 2000

  • Secrets of a butterfly's wing
    Photonics - chips that process light - has a natural inspiration
    Financial Times, 7 April 1999

  • Research made an open book
    Scientists' data can be made more widely available thanks to a  new electronic system
    Financial Times, 5 January 1999

  • Engineers wrap up in atomic coats
    Industry is slowly waking up to the potential of surface treatment
    Financial Times, 16 June 1998

  • Putting the squeeze on aluminium powder processing
    Financial Times, 12 March 1998

  • A model of efficiency
    Computer controls are cutting costs in process industries
    Financial Times, 25 February 1998

  • All eyes on a bright future
    The latest UK developments in the race to devise wall-hanging flat screen displays
    Financial Times, 20 February 1998

  • What’s cooking?
    The growing use of computer modelling when creating new materials in the manufacturing industry
    Financial Times, 29 August 1997

  • Making light work of car pollution
    Pioneering sensors within an engine may optimise performance
    Financial Times, 29 August 1997

  • Stronger signal on flat
    Canon hopes to leapfrog its competitors with an innovative display system
    Financial Times 3 January 1997

  • Flat screens: Canon claims if anyone can, it can  
    Financial Times, 3 January 1997

  • The revolution gathers pace
    ATM technology finally takes off
    Financial Times, 19 September 1996

  • Good news for contractors
    Independent groups are benefiting from foreign enthusiasm for research
    Financial Times, 27 June 1996

  • Light relief for today's long distance telephone links
    Financial Times, 4 October 1995

  • The goal: right data at the right time
    Telecommunications network management
    Financial Times, 4 October 1995

  • Friendly bugs for cleaner products
    Harnessing micro-organisms to desulphurise crude oil
    Financial Times, 3 August 1995

  • Demand for Technology Rises
    The rising fortunes of independent R&D organisations
    Financial Times, 22 June 1995

  • A killing through contracts
    The growth of contract R&D
    The Financial Times, 17 June 1994

  • Copy-proof strip takes swipe at fraudsters
    A specially coded magnetic channel on plastic cards should increase security
    The Financial Times, 7 October 1993

  • The benefits of buying R&D "off the shelf"
    Expertise on the take-away menu
    The Financial Times, 5 March 1992


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