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Michael Kenward OBE

Science Writer & Editorial Consultant

Need some finely crafted words on science, technology and business? Look no further.

on the blog (below)

Technology is where science and business come together. Writers rarely consider the three ingredients in the same breath. Companies also have a habit of ignoring this conjunction. Look at the titles of some of my published stuff to see how closely connected these three factors can be.

I have written for a number of publications, including the Financial Times and various business and technical magazines. I also assist companies and organisations to spread the word about their science and technology.

I am also involved in an interesting and exciting new venture that aims to bridge the gap between science and business. Naturally enough, we call it Science|Business.

My role there is as "Editor at Large". This really means putting my oar in at every opportunity while other people do the real work. One contribution I make is a "blog" of stories about the strange business of innovation. Feel free to feed the beast.

If you have a story that might fit in with this brief, get in touch.

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Media Training

Here is the PDF file (about 5.7MB) of the  presentation to young researchers at Sussex University on 26 February 2009

Why it is important for technology businesses to get into PR? Check the "Opinion" piece I wrote in Ingenia, the magazine of The Royal Academy of Engineering, "How engineers use the media to improve their communication with the general public".
( PDF file here.)

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